Domestic Terrorist Emblems Appear on Cook/Douglass

By Amit Ganguly

Antifa Symbol

Stickers supporting Anti-Fascist Action (commonly known as "Antifa"), a radical left-wing group whom the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security recognizes as domestic terrorists, and whose actions have been formally recognized by the DHS as domestic terrorist violence, have been posted on Cook/Douglass. A chapter of the organization, HubCity Antifa, is based here in New Brunswick, but there is no mention of the stickers on their Twitter account. The stickers are placed along a path leading from Neilson Dining Hall towards Hickman Hall, and another across the street from the Douglass Student Center. 

Antifa is a far-left group, with a stated goal of opposing far-right extremists and fascists through direct action, though their application of the label "far-right" is quite loose. They typically arrive in a black bloc, which entails concealing oneself and one's face with black clothing so as to hinder identification and or criminal prosecution. According to event organizers with the student organization Young Americans for Liberty who have worked with the Rutgers police department, RUPD has begun disallowing masks at Rutgers events to prevent Antifa presence. 

This is not the first time radicals have posted on Cook/Douglass, with white nationalist group Identify Evropa posting fliers around Voorhees Chapel in October of last year.  Those posters sparked outcry and drew immediate condemnation from the university, illustrating how the values of Identify Evropa are incompatible with Rutgers. As of yet, the university has not issued a statement concerning the Antifa stickers.