Wage Gap Debunked! ...Again

By Brandon Chesner

The Women's March in DC, where a key message was "Equal Pay for Equal Work"

The Women's March in DC, where a key message was "Equal Pay for Equal Work"

Any student who has ever sat in a political science class, or has had the displeasure of being stuck in a scam-like Core-required course, has likely been forced to sit through a rant about the wage gap. Hell, most professors will use any excuse to bring it up. Probably the biggest deception of the modern feminist movement, the gender-based wage gap is the lie that keeps on lying.

Nothing has driven the demand of third-wave feminism more than the phony belief that women are paid 77 cents (or whatever it is now) for every dollar a man makes for the same job. Yes, there’s an aggregate difference, but the key word is “aggregate”. The average man makes more than the average women, not accounting for the dozens of other actually important factors. The truth had been twisted to fit a running narrative of oppression to the point where we have supposed experts in the fake field of gender studies that believe a lie they in turn administer to you.

The very idea of an active wage gap being implemented by evil white straight men in big corporations doesn’t exist and hasn’t existed in 50 years, thanks to the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Paying women less for being women is illegal. Sorry, feminists.

We’ve all wondered what would happen in a job without bias. A job where your salary is solely based on your performance, with no salary deriving from wage negotiation. Women are, on average, more agreeable than men. Meaning, when offered a salary, they’d be more likely to settle for a lower wage. Women also tend to get greater utility from positions from lower paying fields, hence why the use of aggregate wages is highly misleading and irrelevant to real wages, and thus perfect for the feminist movement.

The median pay for the top 20 majors for women is $52,800, while the top 20 majors for men have a median pay of $62,020. Right off the bat, that is a 15% pay gap derived simply from different choices. Men choose higher pay fields, and in a free country like the United States, that is a choice you're able to make. A choice one makes to find the greatest satisfaction for yourself. If women aren't flocking to engineering, that's okay. Choices shouldn’t be publicly scrutinized. Do whatever makes you happy; that should be the real motto of feminism.

Even beyond simply choosing lower paying jobs, another major component with the underlying issue of using the aggregate wages is work time. When comparing aggregate income, the time spent in the office is not accounted for, but it is in your paycheck. Women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, work around 8% less than men, per week. Simple algebra; working less results in less money. Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to work less. More time at home, more time on vacation, and more time with the family are all more desirable than spending all day at the office. Women, as a whole, are more nurturing and family-oriented than men and will, on average, want to spend more time with the kids. While these generalizations are factually correct, anecdotes exist and this does not predict how every individual will act. Everyone is free to pursue the life they want.

Next time a snarky professor tries to bring up the easily debunked wage gap myth, try laying these facts on their lies. They won't like it, but we the students deserve the truth during biased rants against masculinity and the freedom of choice. Young, childless women in urban areas even earn 8% more than men, but no one ever talks about shrinking this wage gap.

Now, what would happen in an employment vacuum? A vacuum where the only thing that mattered was your own performance? That’s where a recent study pertaining to Uber comes into play. Though it tells us nothing new, simple rehashing facts us conservatives have been explaining for years, the job structure of this company is more supportive of reality than any other study to date.

To be employed by Uber you need a car, and a fairly clean driving history. Regardless of any physical characteristics, like race or gender, you're guaranteed employment with a pay grade originating from an unchanging algorithm applied to everyone equally, without bias. There is no possible way for sexism to seep in. Despite the perfectly blind means of employment and payment, relying 100% on personal achievement, women make seven percent less than men! Why is that?

To avoid reiterating everything all the points I’ve made thus far, I'll keep the explanation simple, because it really is the same reasons already laid out. The study conveniently broke down the causes. About half of the wage difference comes from more experience. Men used the app more, drove more often, and in turn learned the local hot-spots and figured out tricks on how to flip rides quicker; earning more money per hour. The BLS confirms men do in fact work more per week. More experience equals better long-term performance. Driving speed is the other factor. Men drive faster and will have more clients in an hour than women. Men also stick with Uber longer than women. It goes to show people are drawn to certain fields more than others and perform differently based on interest; all relating to job choice and gender based preference.

The wage gap is a lie, it has been debunked more times than I can count, hundreds of pages of research written by people much brighter than I provide countless pieces of evidence to why it doesn’t exist for the reasons feminists want it to, yet certain professors, who will go unnamed for now, continue to lie to students and deceive a generation of impressionable minds. Next time it happens, speak up, spread the truth, but don’t let false facts breed in the lecture hall. Even the tiniest of deceptive talking points can cascade until you have a million feminists marching down DC, wearing pussy hats, listening to Madonna threaten to blow up the White House.