Rutgers Faculty Donations show Heavy Left-Wing Bias

By Brandon Chesner

Republican candidate Donald Trump (left) and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (right)

Republican candidate Donald Trump (left) and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (right)

           It’s no secret that universities and professors have clear political leanings. The left-wing popularity is there; anyone who has taken a class at Rutgers can spot it a mile away. The real question is to what extent does it exist. Is the split close, or is there a massive gap with an overwhelming majority favoring liberalism?

            OpenSecrets is a nonpartisan group dedicated to tracking money in politics. They possess a database with thousands of organizations and the breakdown of where members of those organizations and companies donate money for federal elections. And though donations don’t provide an accurate voting demographic, it does show a general attitude of professors and faculty.

            Out of the 18,825 organizations OpenSecrets tracks, Rutgers University is the 921st largest source of donations, putting them in the top 5% with a total of $533,821 in contributions in the 2016 election season.

Donations per Party

A break down of the $365,676 in campaign contributions from Rutgers University staff

           With more than half a million in political spending, $365,676 came from individual donors, faculty members, not the university itself. The remaining money was spent by the school on educational lobbying. Democrats received an overwhelming majority of individual donations; $346,556 was given to Democrats while Republicans received $15,170. Third Party candidates received $3,950. This data is for federal elections. 95% of donations made by Rutgers staff went to Democrats this election cycle with only 4% going to Republicans. A little more of a gap than I would’ve thought.

Rutgers Faculty Donations (Trump/Clinton)

National Donations (Trump/Clinton)

              OpenSecrets also provides a breakdown of how much every candidate received. By a massive margin, Hillary Clinton was the largest recipient with $216,866 in donations. Donald Trump was the 22nd most popular recipient with a minuscule $1,517. Nationally, Hillary Clinton raised $564 million while Donald Trump raised only $333 million, a ratio of 1.69:1. For Rutgers faculty, the ratio of donations was 143:1. It’s no surprise that Rutgers staff are huge fans of Democrats with astronomical levels of favoritism, but the level of financial support is far more than anyone could have imagined.